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Writing for kids

Julia Donaldson is an amazing kids writer. She is the author of things like Room on the broom.

Her stories are always original and cute. They rhyme and the pictures are colourful and fun to look at. I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t get tickled by her work.

If you look at why she is different for most of the other children’s writers then you see a couple of clear messages.

Don’t talk down to children

Kids are not idiots. They probably understand more that you give them credit for. They are more imaginative and enjoy playing more than adults, this means that you can play with the words you use and make interesting characters for them.

Short but tickle the imagination

Donaldson’s books tend to be short enough for a parent to read in one sitting. This is great because kids get bored with long winded stories. But in that space she really let’s kids use their imaginations as she describes all sorts of fun, original tales.

No morals

Lesson books about a child who doesn’t want to share are in abundance. Who needs that? Good parents have taught their kids about sharing without the use of these stupid books. Keep to entertainment.


I have mentioned this a couple of times in the other sections but this deserves a section of its own.

The more original and fun you can be the more kids will enjoy your work.

The next time you are in a book store look out for a copy of something by Julia Donaldson and you will see what I mean.

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How to measure height when you draw characters

This week I just want to brush over how to get your proportions correct just by knowing how tall your character should be.

In my case my average character is 6 heads high. Male or female. Males can be 7 if you like and females can be around 5 if you prefer. 6 is just average. Take a look at the drawing for this week.

I have sketched a character, paying attention to where all the important joints should be. All together it measure 6 heads in total. Usually the crotch area is 2 and a half heads down from the chin. And the last 2 and a half heads are the legs.

My character is almost perfectly split. 3 head bottom and 3 heads top. Experiment with height and let me know how it turns out.


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