How to draw hands

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Hi guys

This week we’ll be looking at how to draw basic hands by developing a system to work with.

First we start by roughly sketching a circle see drawing 1.

This is the palm of the hand. From the wrist end of the palm use a starting point and line out where you want the fingers to go. (Bear in mind your fingers can only spread so far).

Then add a few cross lines above the palm circle. Where these intersect will become the points where your knuckles/joints are. Now that it is measured out you fill in the detail of your hand. Use your own hand for reference if you have to. After drawing a few you’ll get so used to it then it will become second nature.

To recap, see the next 3.

Sketch it out, pop in the joint points and fill out your hand. Remember to use your own hand as reference if you have to. And keep practicing!

drawing hands

drawing hands


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